The 8 Breeze is a boat perfect for kids or anyone who wants to learn to surf. It's easy to rig and the tubular adds stability and security. Simplified and secure thanks to a boma top enables easy maneuverability, also the hull cannot be damaged this means that it is a boat that you never have to worry about.

Designed for fun on the water, the Breeze is easy to use for anyone and has an easy glider kit installation and navigation. This Kit includes the tube Light that provides stability and prevents tipping. The design of the wing provides improved performance even in light air, breeze. While the boom more angled allows a greater number of heads. The inflatable tubular increases stability and security and also serves as a dry while sailing boat spray making the para.

The Breeze is a fun and easy to learn to surf or just enjoy an adventure into the water without too much Dinghy Sailing with 8 tubular Kit (the Kit includes, PVC 1 275 LIGHT 1100 with Tubular air Chamber Decitex Repair Kit Pvc , Hand pump to inflate, and screw Kit with instructions for easy Assembly, sailing Breeze with mast, boom and rigging, rudder extensible and Comes in foil.)
Also the older models of Walker Bay.


• 10 years warranty PVC Tubular
• Mainsail joke
• 4 oz Dacron sail
• Retractable aluminum Rudder
• Quick release rudder system

Technical details

Length 2,70 Mt
Beam 1,45 Mt
Displacement 40 Kg
Max onboard people 2
Altri Technical details

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Vuoi saperne di più su questa barca? Clicca Qua

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