Walker Bay 8 Tubular Kit for ADDITIONAL CHARACTERISTICS of the TUBULAR PVC Wb8 IN addition to those of the RIGID DINGHY
• NEOPRENE Heytex PVC tubing also available
• Tube with 2 rooms
• 2 handles for easy grip
• Reinforced stitching to 3 layers

The RID 275 is the ideal boat for those who want the versatility, security, together with the lightness of Walker Bay 8; but who needs stability, increased seating capacity and engine power; 2 the tubular inner tubes provides.

The tire is going to adhere to the surface of the boat in its width and length; to provide optimal performance and act as a Fender all the way around when you're next to other boats or mooring phase. Both, with both sails: the tubes provide greater safety in any situation; making the Walker Bay RID a boat ideal and above all safe. Suitable for everyone and for all uses!

How does that work. Lightly loaded and moderate seas, the tube does not undertake and the bow cuts the water gracefully. The most challenging seas or with higher loads and/or transportation of cargo, the tube acts to give lateral stability.

Technical details

Length 2,75 Mt
Beam 1,72 Mt
Displacement 40 Kg
Max onboard people 3
Altri Technical details

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Walker Bay ® is a company with one goal-to bring pleasure to embark by boat around the world.
To achieve this, we have created a line of boats are practical and easy to handle; so you can get out on the water without problems. Using the high pressure injection molding as optimized production process; Walker Bay is truly versatile boats managed to produce exceptionally crafted and made to last.

Designed to be flexible and adjusted as needed, with oars, tubular motor, sailing, and trailer.

Easy for one or two people to load, transport and launch.

All boats are shaped by a super durable material of High Impact Marine Composite and are backed by a 10 YEAR HULL WARRANTY.

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